Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring I Just Can't Wait!

           I can't wait for spring! Spring is wear you can throw out all that winter clothing and bring in those flip flops, shorts, and of course don't forget that camping is coming! Those long nights on the trails while the moon shines on the river/lake. All theses things leave me in aw. Spring is where you can take a minute and smell the fresh roses. Smell the fresh cut grass, trees starting to bloom, and much more.

   Track starts today 3.20.17 and I can't wait for the day to end! The things that I will try out for is the high jump and the 100 meter dash of course sprinting you won't believe how fast I run when I forget my phone and that's not even competing. I've always personally thought that I am good at the high jump because when I was younger we had the field day where they would make us compete with others and the high jump was one and I got first every year I even got the little trophy for 3 years in a row and still counting on!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Top 5 I'm Loving Right Now

1.) Right now I'm loving my Naked 3 Urban Decay Palette by Cisco Systems, and Pat Holmes. The reason I chose this is because there eye shadow is very pigmented and lovely. When I go out of the house I don't feel like its everywhere on my face and its not easy to spread when you accidentally wipe your eyes.

2.) As for food I'm obsessed with Nuetella by Ferrero SpA, which was owned by Michele Ferrero .  The reason behind this is that I love chocolate and the texture of Nuetella is amazing!

3.) For a book I'm in love with Matched by Ally Condie. The matching ceromony is amazing she practically gets matched with her childhood sweetheart!

4.) My favorite subject that I'm loving is math because were learning about angles and angles come easiest to me.

5.) For my last thing I'm loving is my bedroom. It was just remodeled fully last night, that's when we finished. My theme is rustic teal blue with gray to set.
 What are your top five things your loving?

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Break

       During Christmas break it was very exciting! December 23 is when it all started, Paige and Dylan my brother and sister came over to celebrate Christmas Eve and spent the night. My grandma and grandpa came over around 5:00, so they didn't get to eat dinner with the family. What we did Christmas Eve we ate a huge dinner and supper full of treats, roast, and ham. After we were done eating of course there were presents for all. We got every present we want but what we were also grateful for is also having family around!
   As Christmas day approached Madisyn and I were filled with giggles and excitement! As we ran down stairs to put presents by everyone's  spot we had to wait for 8:30 because our parents wouldn't let us wake them up any sooner. As 8:30 was here we ran upstairs with everything we got and woke them up. When they finally managed to get down stairs they tried to make us wait more but we know the drill first coffee, then slippers, then a blanket to cover up with, then there phones to take pictures with, and finally the presents. As the family tradition goes youngest to oldest, truly she takes forever because she knows what I'm getting and she has told me what my presents are. Finally, it's my turn and I tear my presents open and I finally get everything unwrapped.  I got everything I wanted and more!

     When the last Christmas rolled around I was in amazement, one of my family members came to the Christmas gathering and was sick with the flu! Tamieka, Austin, Kile, and Tina they were all sick! I tried to ignore the fact they were sick but there your family that you see once a year! So I decided to approach them and give them a warm hello but I guess that wasn't enough so they all gave me a hug! So dinner rolled around and it was my dads turn to make his famous chili this year. I always think his is the best, I think he should be in a chili contest and  I bet he would win for a matter of a fact. After everyone is done with the chili we move onto presents it was great! But once again I got everything I wanted and more!  After everyone is done with presents some people decide to leave and the rest that stay get to take the tradition family nap!

Image result for pictures of family at christmas

Monday, October 3, 2016

Welcome back! 

 I loved my birthday party so much I learned that I can actually surf and never have your parents on the opposite side of you on a family ride because you will flip. No joking here but I'm okay I even had a melted ice cream cake!It was surprisingly good.                                                          

 I also got a manicure at the Mall of America it felt amazing! What I also got to do is walk through a mirror maze and you have no clue how long it took me to get through it and you also have no clue how many times I ran into the mirror and my sister but it was surprisingly fun I seriously had so much fun thanks to my mom and dad they are the best parents I could ask for!

I also got a surprise from my brother he got ingadged with Paige she is finally going to be my sister!

Thursday, September 15, 2016


    Hey! Welcome to my blog! I am very excited to share my passions in life! My blog is gonna be about running and what I'm reading. I selected these topics because I love all of those things!

Recently I'm in Cross Country and today we are gonna be doing four six hundreds or six, six hundreds. Ugh! They are the worst possible running excises. I hate them so much! The thing I do like about today I won't be running because of my foot. The other thing that I love about today I get to babysit my favorite kids Isabella and Mekenzie!

 What I have been reading recently is The Selection by Keira Cass it is so interesting you should really read it but I'm not gonna give many details about it because you could also start reading it. The main girl is America and she has red hair and she is a favorite of Maxon. This book is so amazing I can't wait to read more!